Village Of Alpha
102 S 2nd St, Alpha, IL

Fall has arrived and looking forward to a long Indian Summer!! 
It's a good time to get out in the yard and spruce it up before those
dreary, snowy days come.

SO if you decide it's time to burn leaves, consider the Burning Ordinance.
First: no burning is allowed on the street, any sidewalk or any alley. 
Second: you must be at least 25 feet from any structure and you must 
provide adequate provisions to prevent the fire from spreading. 
Third: you must constantly attend to said fire until it is extinguished.
Fourth: bonfires, Landscape waste and leaf fires are only allowed
between 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM. Cooking fires (wiener roasts) must
be extinguished by 11:00 PM.
Fifth: if atmospheric conditions make fires hazardous (dry periods or
high winds, etc.) all fires are prohibited.
Lastly: Rubbish fires are absolutely not allowed, ever! Rubbish fires include
but are not limited to tires, roofing materials, rags, garbage, hay,
straw or any material giving off an obnoxious odor. 

The village is moving right along with the grant money we
received last spring. The new back-up Generator for the lift station
on East "A" Street has been installed and is running along. 
It will run every Wednesday at 1 PM as a test start up.

We let a contract to grout the waste water lines on Scandia
and Yates Street south of "C" (Picard) Street. This grouting will
seal all the joints and the lateral joints with grout. That
way we will know that  these lines are not adding in any
rain water run-off. There are many ways that you can help to
alleviate the problem. Work is expected to begin on Nov 17th
and completed by Dec 7th.

See our Facebook page for a more detailed response or 
click on the committees tab and then on the
Water/Sewer link. But the easiest way to help is to
make sure you are not adding your sump water or
downspout water to the waste water system. Those
are intended to be pumped out onto the ground outside
your home.
Also see the last tab CONTACT US on how to get in touch
with someone when you have a problem in the village.

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tab to keep up with
upcoming special events!!