Village Of Alpha
102 S 2nd St, Alpha, IL

Happy Spring and Here Comes Summer!!

This Monday marks a change in our village board. Barb Damron and Jim
Cowser will be leaving the board. Barb has served for over 30 years either
as a trustee or village clerk. We will miss thier input and dedication to the
residents of Alpha.
This Monday also is the start of new beginnings with the village as long time
resident Jason Lambin and fairly new Tracy Peterson will take the oath to
begin their time with us on the board. We are so excited to have some other
perspectives come into our meetings.

Thifty on 150 is just around the corner and we all know that means that we
will have many visitors coming into the community. There will be many yard
sales and vendors but most important will be the Car Show hosted by the
Oxford Fire Department. I can't wait and I hope the weather is as perfect as
it was last year.

Speakinmg of Spring and summer and all the visitors, please clean up your
yards and spruce things up for our guests. Let's make Alpha look like the
place we know it is! A great place to live and participate.

Hopefully if my schedule will allow it, I will be adding the Minutes and maybe
the agendas to this site so you can see what we have been up to at our
meetings. But I highly encourage you to come and see for yourself. We really
are a great group of folks!!

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