Village Of Alpha
102 S 2nd St, Alpha, IL

The position for summer help has been filled.
Congratulations to Jacob White of Alpha who will be
joining us shortly.
We so appreciate all those who applied for the position.
We will keep your application on file in case anything else
comes available.

You remember the Community Survey?
(Click on Results Below)
Now that we have the survey, let's do something about it.
The Village of Alpha has entered into a partnership with University
of Illinois Extension to conduct a series of four community
meetings that build on the survey results and will result in the
development of a Village of Alpha Community Action Plan.
Through this process, we will identify some actionable projects
and form teams to help us implement our community’s vision.
We are planning 4 meetings to take the necessary steps to
move ahead in this process and WE NEED YOUR HELP AND INPUT!
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And while you are at it:
Here is the New 2016 -2017 Village of Alpha Newsletter!!

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