Village Of Alpha
102 S 2nd St, Alpha, IL

Well, Summer has come and some might say it's about over.
But School is about to begin; so we know that there is more
hot weather just around the corner.

Don't forget about the Farmer's Market this Friday night!!

The village is moving right along with the grant money we
received last spring. The new back-up Generator for the lift station
on East "A" Street has been installed and we are just waiting
for the company to get the natural gas hooked up so it can
kick in when needed.
We just let a contract to grout the waste water lines on Scandia
and Yates Street south of "C" (Picard) Street. This grouting will
seal all the joints and the lateral joints with grout. That
way we will know that  these lines are not adding in any
rain water run-off. There are many ways that you can help to
alleviate the problem.
See our Facebook page for a more detailed response or 
click on the committees tab and then on the
Water/Sewer link. But the easiest way to help is to
make sure you are not adding your sump water or
downspout water to the waste water system. Those
are intended to be pumped out onto the ground outside
your home.
Also see the last tab CONTACT US on how to get in touch
with someone when you have a problem in the village.

Don't miss the Community Events
tab to keep up with
upcoming special events!!